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Warwick Group is the go-to consulting firm for coastal projects involving beach nourishment, dredging, aquatic ecosystem restoration, the Corps of Engineers, FEMA, and other federal agencies and stakeholders. We solve problems where others could not. With over 40 years of experience, our team understands how to navigate the complicated world of federal water resources policy, the Corps of Engineers, and other federal agencies to get results. Our services have awarded over $1.2 billion in federal appropriations to more than 150 clients nationwide, including the Hawaiian Islands. We have helped draft and implement key legislation such as the Regional Sediment Management Act and have spearheaded governmental advocacy programs for associations such as the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association. Our knowledge of federal legislation, the congressional process, the Corps of Engineers, the executive branch, together with the local knowledge we've collected of various coastlines, gives us an edge over others that allows us to provide tailored advice for critical decisions impacting your shoreline.



Innovative Solutions. Proven History.

Since 1984, Warwick Group has been a trusted resource in guiding state and local governments, businesses, and nonprofits in achieving coastal resilience goals. Our team focuses on projects that protect against flooding, storm surge, and other coastal hazards. Our expertise spans shore protection and beach nourishment, dredging and sediment management, to federal and state policy, and the use of private sector financing in the coastal marketplace. We understand the coast and its unique set of challenges like no other firm in the nation. 

Warwick Group has:

  • Authorized and constructed over 2 dozen beach nourishment projects
  • Secured federal funding for client projects totaling over $1.2 billion
  • Used our knowledge and advocacy to save failing Corps projects 
  • Reversed legal interpretations of legislation affecting federal projects
  • Drafted and implemented federal legislation 
  • Secured disaster relief funding to entirely rebuild beaches and dunes
  • Led conferences to develop financing alternatives for coastal resilience
  • Developed innovative partnerships for coastal resilience using federal programs



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